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Actually Best Beach Tents for Babies? A Mom’s Advice

Beaching is always a good idea for a refreshing and exciting family day out. You wouldn’t like to ruin the beach fun by constantly worrying about your baby’s skin and health now, would you? A day at the beach means a day without any shade above your head. Your baby might not enjoy the blistering heat as much as you do. Thanks to the manufacturers, beach tents are there to save your baby’s sensitive skin from the scorching rays of the sun.

Why do you need a beach tent for your baby anyway?

While you are out there at the beach, you never forget to apply sunscreen or sunblock to stay protected from the sun. But you do realize that it is not appropriate for your baby’s sensitive skin, right? So, a beach tent is a must have as it saves the baby from getting sunburnt or hurt.  

The core purpose of every tent is to protect your baby from the harmful UV rays of the sun and provide your baby with a comfortable space where he/she may play, rest and sleep. In addition to this, a beach tent allows you to keep the baby’s food and snacks away from the sand and not to forget, the diaper changes! You certainly wouldn’t want to do that on the sand.

General features/ benefits of beach baby tents:

There is a wide range of baby tents with whole lot of different and unique features. While fulfilling the basic need of protecting your baby from the sun, some of these tents have a canopy which provides the baby with necessary shade above the head while not restricting him/her to play in the sand. Also, some models even have a small pool built inside them so that the baby plays in the water yet remains safe and protected. In addition to this, the beach tents vary in sizes, styles and the space that they offer.

What to look for while buying a beach tent for your baby?

To get your hands on the best beach tent for your baby, you need to invest some time and effort in analyzing the qualities of the tents. After all, it is about your baby’s safety and health, right? Here are some of the aspects that you might want to consider before choosing the best beach tent.

  • The type of sun protection being provided: The main reason you are considering buying a beach tent in the first place is to protect your little one from the sun’s heat. So, make sure you know what kind of UV protection the tent offers. Apart from that, look for a tent which is covered from all sides while also being well-ventilated and airy.  
  • The quality and material used: Make sure the tent you are purchasing is hard wearing so that it would not fall on the baby or collapse due to strong wind. The material of the tent speaks volume of its durability. Hence, look for a high-quality product which would last long!
  • The assembling method of the product: Who would want to waste half of the time on the beach assembling and disassembling the baby’s tent? Search for a tent which is easy to put up to avoid unnecessary hassles. You might want to have a pop-up beach tent which would decrease the assembly time.
  • How much space the tent offers: Before buying a beach tent, you must think of how much spacious and open you want it to be. Some tents do not have excess space and can only fit one child. However, others may be able to accommodate as many as the whole family! Hence, choose wisely.

Preconditions for having a pleasant experience with the beach tents:

The following are a few requirements that you should keep in mind after buying a beach tent for your little one:

  • Carefully read all the instructions related to the beach tent that you have purchased.
  • Do not try to over fill the tent, either with children or other things.
  • Handle the tent with care. Rough usage may end up with a broken zipper or any other damage.

A special material is used in the manufacturing of UV Play Shade which provides sun protection factor 50. It can be easily handled and carried in your travel bags making it manageable and transportable. It is easy to use and does not need adjustments. In seconds, it can be set up because of the tie down pegs and the pockets hold the pegs in the right place. It is 31 inches high, 39 inches deep and 51 inches wide making it the perfect size to go with. Packing is also a matterof seconds as it is easily folded back into its bag. Kids can be easily protected from the sun while enjoying outside.


  • The material used is SPF 50+ which provides maximum protection
  • Impeccable size makes it easy to accommodate more than one toddler
  • It can be set up in seconds making it easy to use
  • It is portable and light weighted, thus can be carried wherever you like.
  • It is strong and waterproof


  • Ventilation may be limited due to single opening

Portable beach play tent provides sun protection as well as bug protection to your babies while beach camping or during backyard leisure time. It is spacious and can be set up easily. Cleaning is not a problem when you have ample space to use. It spreads out as soon as it is taken out from its travel bag. It has zippers that can be rolled up in all directions keeping the tent ventilated. A hook can be found on top of the tent for hooking light weighted toys for infants. It has a sleeping pad made of cotton which helps in providing the toddlers a better sleep and a cooling pad which keeps the babies warm during hot summer days.


  • Its large size makes the tent spacious for a baby to sleep in or play
  • It is durable and baby proof
  • Having hooks to hang toys give this tent a plus point
  • Light weighted and can be easy handled
  • Does not need assembling as it pops in shape itself


  • It may get soaked due to rain

What is greater than a baby tent having a mini pool inside? Sunba Youth Baby Beach Tent provides the little ones with their own mini pool to swim in when their parents are enjoying at the beach. The dimension of the kiddie pool is 27 x 21 inches. It is especially designed for toddlers till age 3. It provides maximum protection from the scorching rays of the sun. The back side of the tent has a flap which works as a ventilator. It is easy to manage as it pops right up within seconds and can be packed with no trouble. The front of the tent has a wide zipper with dimensions of 47.5, 31.5 and 27.5 inches. The tent comes in a carry bag of 21 inches in size. The full package of this tent includes a carry bag, 4 pegs and toddler tent shade along with customer care service.


  • Tent with an attached mini swimming pool makes it more appealing to buy
  • Provides customer service during the purchase
  • Extra protection from the sun to protect your toddler from sun burn
  • Water may be filled in the kiddie pool regardless of digging hole in the sand
  • Convenient to set up and pack


  • The zipper in the front may break easily
  • It may be difficult to fold back after being used several times

Coleman Day Tripper Beach Shade does not only provide protection from the sun but also ensure privacy by providing extra front floor zips. There is a zipper at the back of the tent that can be used as a source of ventilation. It includes space to store your valuables and provides a string to hang your clothes on. It is spacious with a center height of 4 foot and 9 inches. It is easy to set up and usually takes 5 to 10 minutes before it could be used. All the details about unpacking, setting and pack up are included with the tent. It is portable and can be transported without difficulty.


  • It hardly takes 5 minutes to setup with less effort
  • Can easily fit in a whole family
  • Extended floor zippers assure privacy
  • UV Guard provides extra protection from the sun
  • Provides a line to hang wet clothes


  • It may be difficult to set up during stormy days

KidCo Peapod is designed with light weight mesh wire which provides large space for the entrance. The large zipper in the front of the tent makes it baby friendly and the air circulation is increased due to its wide opening. It includes a micro-lite sleeping pad under the floor zipper which provides comfort to the little ones while they are asleep. It is easy to remove the pad while packing or cleaning. Peapod can easily be transported in normal sized luggage for trekking or other purposes. It includes a carry bag to pouch the tent when not in use.


  • The zipper in the front allows easy access to children
  • It is portable
  • Micro-lite pad helps in a peaceful sleep and can be removed for outdoor use
  • It provides UV protection which adds to extra features for outdoor use


  • It may be unsuitable for windy weather because of its weak frame
  • Micro-lite sleeping pad should be inflated with the provided pump


Although all the above-mentioned beach tents are exceptionally good for your baby, the Large Baby Portable Beach Play Tent appears to be the best among them. Being a light-weighted, pop up tent, it is easy to use and carry. It allows you to roll up the zippers from as many sides as you wish, making it extra airy and exposed to the sun. It can not only accommodate more than one toddler due to its large space, but it also contains two pads; sleeping and cooling pad. Hence, it keeps the baby cool despite of being exposed to the sun’s heat and provides with a comfortable place to sleep. In addition to this, there is a hook at the roof where the toys can be hung to entertain the infants. From protecting your baby from the sun to providing a reliable room, both for play time and nap time, the Large Baby Portable Beach Play Tent caters almost all your needs and requirements when it comes to choosing the best tent for your baby.