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CCTRO 2 Person Camping Tent Review

CCTRO 2 Person Camping Tent Review

Camping can be a lot more fun, fulfilling and safer if you travel with a companion. Talking with others can make the journey a lot easier. Honestly, talking with someone while carrying camping stuff makes the weight a little bit easier to carry. There will also be more hands to help set up camp, make marshmallows and build a good bonfire. You may also want a companion inside the tent, especially if having people near you makes you feel safer.

This tent is being offered by online retailer CCTRO. Upon further investigation, the manufacturer is listed as CycleLink. However, the complete name of the retailer is CCTRO CycleLink. Another thing to note is that their headquarters is based in California, but the address where the products are assembled and manufactured are not listed. They have a wide range of products from sports and outdoors equipment, to office supplies and even iPhone accessories.

However, just because they are an online retailer with focuses other than camping gear does not mean that their camping products are not up to par with the other ones in the market. They have two tents available; the one featured in this article, which can accommodate 2 campers, and another one similar to this one but with a larger capacity and the ability to accommodate up to 4 people.

The tent itself is actually better than what I expected. It looks very professional, although a bit too bright, and it actually has double layers. It also has the X-structure but is more dome-shaped. Another interesting design choice was that the body of the tent is more clipped rather than sewed to the poles, and the poles are made of fiberglass. The tent can also be a bit transparent so you can see the sky through the roof, but the bright colors can take away some of the night sky viewing pleasure.

Here are the features, and pros and cons of this tent.

Features of the CCTRO 2 Person Camping Tent

Similar to most multiple person tents, it is shaped like a dome. The tent comes with a portable bag, and the bag actually has quite a lot of storage space. The door has zippers both at the front and inside, making any entrances or exits easier and also safer. Another plus is that it has two doors, making it convenient for people to go in or go out at the same time.

The rainfly, which is the part where the rain just flows through to protect the campers from the rain, actually covers much of the tent. This is unlike some tents that only have the rainfly cover the top part. The tent top is also made with some sort of an open mesh as a concept. This really helps manage the circulation of air and of course, a little night gazing.

In practical terms, two people can comfortably stay and sleep inside the tent. The tent is pretty much water-proof, with the double layers providing great protection while the inside is still breathable. The insect screen also helps to keep those pesky bugs away.


Durability during rain and other unforeseen events.

One can see that durability is one of the priorities when the manufacturers made this tent. The double layer gives great protection against rain and the cold air, and at the same time is also breathable. The fiberglass poles are also strong.

To increase its durability, it also comes with four wind ropes that help make the tent more stable. There are also six tent pegs available. The bottom part is made of Oxford, so it is safe to say that it will take a lot of water for it to get wet inside.

Its weight is light considering its spaciousness.

It only weighs around 4 and a quarter pounds or around two kilos and 200 grams. Even with its small weight, it can accommodate two people comfortably. The inner tent is around 72 inches so it can accommodate most people, but taller folks may have to lie down in a diagonal manner.

Its small weight also makes it convenient, both for setting it up and carrying it. It took less than 2 minutes to set it up, so it is a great tent for beginners.


The floor is not well insulated. While the floor is pretty much waterproof, it is a bit on the thin side. This makes the floor a bit too cold for comfort, but laying down a tarp should help.


This is a great tent to have. Another great thing about this tent is that it typically costs less than a third of the price of its competitors. This makes it a great tent for beginners since it is affordable, easy to set up and is very durable.