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Coleman Longs Peak 6-Person Fast Pitch Dome Tent Review

Coleman Longs Peak 6-Person Fast Pitch Dome Tent Review

Most of the time, people camp to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern urban life. Some people prefer to go solo or with a trusted companion and just enjoy the great outdoors. This is when a one- person or two-person tent will come in handy.

However, camping in a big group is fun too. To make that kind of outing memorable, convenient and safe, you need big tents. The big space should be able to accommodate the group while at the same time be as comfortable as possible.

That is the reasoning behind Coleman’s Long Peak dome tent. This is a big tent that can give a lot of shelter to the campers. Coleman is already a staple when it comes to outdoor equipment. They have a whole line of products for campers, and their tents show their commitment to the mass market.

This tent is an addition to their fastpitch line. With ten tents in this series, people may think it is overcrowded, but each tent has its own use. This particular one is geared towards a habitable sleeping space, and can also be a place where people can take shelter and talk when it rains lightly.


Features of the Coleman Longs Peak 6-Person Fast Pitch Dome Tent

Coleman’s fastpitch series are true to their name; they are very fast to set up. This tent is no exception. It comes in the color white. The poles are made of fiberglass. It has only one door. The poles are attached already but need to be set up. The seams, while inverted, do not look alien and actually fit well with the insides of the tent. The tent materials are very durable as well as waterproof.

A nice touch made by Coleman to the tent was its semi-transparency. Not only does the roofing material provide good shelter, but it also gives a great view of the night sky, and is waterproof. Bugs cannot easily get inside the tent. The center height is also nice; it is around 78 inches or 6 feet at center height space. The door also has a small awning and it is quite effective in keeping the rain out.

The tent has storage pockets as well; it helps you store items and easily remember where they are. There are no vestibules in this tent, but it is spacious enough. It takes around 5 to 10 minutes to set this tent up with two people, which proves that this tent is a great addition to the Fast Pitch line of Coleman.


Very fast to set up.

There are pre-attached poles that have colored tags to help make set up faster. The foot is actually very quick to connect with the fast-fit ends. Clipping is also done painlessly and fast.

For a tent that covers substantial space, setting up can be quite the task. This Longs Peak 6-person tent takes a quarter of the time compared to other 6 person tents. It took only around 7 minutes to set up with a partner, (although he is a veteran at camping) and that is already substantially fast.

Covers a lot of space.

This tent can cover a space of 10 square feet by 10 square feet. That is 100 square feet of protected space! While there are no vestibules for extra space to hang items, there are tent pockets. These pockets are also very quick to find, ensuring that people can see the items and not forget about them.

I should, however, share one word of caution. While 100 feet sure sounds like a lot, putting 6 people inside can be a daunting task. Sure, six people can fit in there and can lie down but their ability to move may be limited.

The floor is very durable and reliable.

The tent itself is reliable enough, but special mention must be given to the floor fabric. The evening can get quite wet, but the floor remains as dry as it was when the tent was set up. This is great news! Another plus is that the fabric is not too thin or too thick; it has just the right ventilation to remain cool but is insulated enough to keep it from getting too cold. We did use mats, but even without mats, the floor should do its job.


It can accommodate 6 people, but not conveniently.

The tent is spacious, but 6 people comfortably laying is a stretch, literally. This may be attributed to the structure, which, while thin, can take some bending to do.

The pole connectors are outside.

This is not really a big con, but external poles are not as sturdy as they seem at first. They can hold the tent in strong winds, but I am not so sure about how long it could withstand constant winds.


It is a great beginner tent; easy to set up and use. Veterans might want to consider other options, but this one does its job well enough.