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Kelty Salida 2 Tent Review

Kelty Salida 2 Tent Review

When looking for tents, one important thing you need to consider is the relationship between price and weight. If the price is low, the weight is usually higher and the reverse is also true. It means that you either suffer the high cost now and reap the benefits of a light load while traveling, or, you can enjoy the lower price now, but you have to deal with a heavier tent.

Deciding on which tent to get will depend on your priorities.

However, this tent is an exception. It has a lower cost than most tents and is lighter compared to others.

Kelty Salida 2 Tent is quite affordable, around 20 to 30 percent lower cost compared to tents in the same bracket. It is also quite light.

The manufacturer is Kelty, which is a company that specializes in outdoor gear with backpacks, tents and other camping paraphernalia. The company offers three tents in their Salida Tents lineup; the first is a tent which can accommodate one person, the second is the tent featured in this article, and there is a third that has the capacity to shelter four people. The company’s address is in Boulder, Colorado and this specific tent came to prominence in 2011 when a reviewer wrote about it as the top pick for a 2-person tent that the year.

The tent also lives up to Kelty’s slogan which is built to endure.

Here are the features, pros, and cons of this tent.

Features of the Kelty Salida 2 Tent

The tent comes in one color, gray, and while shaped like a dome, the entrance can make it look like a rounded pentagon instead, which is a neat feature. It is a free-standing tent, which means that setting it up is very easy. The folding poles do their job well; they are very fast to prop up and do a good job stabilizing the tent. The tent’s body is clipped, not sewed on, the poles. The hug clips used are very strong and can assure that the clips will last long.

Inside the tent there are internal pockets for storing a few items. There is also the vestibule for extra space. The tent has a floor area of thirty and a half square feet while the vestibule covers ten square feet or almost a square meter.

As for transporting it, the carry bag is shaped like a cube and has a roll top. This makes transporting it easy. The folding poles are also easier to transfer in and out of the bag. It is pretty light at around three pounds and fourteen ounces.

The zipper also does not make a lot of noise. The tent only has one door. Center height is around 43 inches, which provides quite a lot of space so taller people can sit upright. Six-foot sleeping bags can fit inside just fine. In fact, they will not touch the edges of the tent, and that is a big plus.


It weighs very little.

A tent lightweight has a lot of advantages. First is convenience. It is not heavy to carry around. Second is the speed of setting up. Usually, the lower the weight of a tent, the faster it could be set up, provided it is free-standing. Last is that there are increased options for finding a location when you use a lightweight tent. You can choose a plane, a space between two trees, or any crowded area and will not have much difficulty not only setting it up but keeping its form.

It is very spacious.

Once the tent has been set up, you can enjoy 20 square feet of space. As mentioned above, two sleeping bags at six feet height can fit perfectly. The vestibule also helps the storage as well. The vestibule adds an additional 10 square feet for storage.

Durable and convenient at the same time.

The tent is very sturdy. It is more of a semi free-standing tent since it can be propped up almost anywhere, but has the option of making it sturdier with the stakes that were added as a bonus.

Another great addition is that of a gear loft. The is where you can hang other items as well. The rainfly is also very water-resistant.

Good airflow

The airflow is actually great. The top part is mostly meshing and the material, though durable, is highly breathable. It is comfortable to sleep in this tent.


Entrances and exits can be a bit inconvenient.

Since there is only one door, campers would shuffle around to get in and out. It does not feel very nice to be woken up when your companion has to go take a leak and is having trouble trying to be stealthy.


We did not expect to have a perfect tent for the price, but this one comes really close! This is great camping gear. Newbies and veterans alike can appreciate this!