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Sundome 2 Person Tent Review

Sundome 2 Person Tent Review

A tent will shield you from the bugs and other creepy crawlers in the night, and it will protect you from the cold winds of mother nature. Finding the right tent for you is an excellent investment of both your time and budget.

The Sundome two-person tent is great camping gear that is immensely popular. In fact, if you are someone who loves the outdoors, chances are you have seen quite a few of these. These are pretty popular tents that are also quite handy to boot. Sometimes, boy scout camps and other camping functions use this kind of tent.

One reason for its popularity and widespread use is the company that produces it. This tent is made by Coleman, the outdoor recreation products manufacturer. You may have heard of their cooler, which is as popular, if not much more, than their tents.

They have a lot of products geared towards camping and outdoor activities and have, fittingly, called themselves the Outdoor Company. Coleman has a series of tents, and this particular one is from the Sundome series, a famous line of products for Coleman.

Of course, no matter how loved or popular a company is, if their product does not meet the market’s expectations, that product would naturally not be bought. However, sales of this Sundome tent have been increasing and for a good reason. Here are some features which led to this tent’s fantastic market reception.

Features of the Sundome 2 Person Tent

Currently, this tent is offered in green and navy. Interestingly, this camping tent is made of fiberglass, which improves the tent’s durability. It is in the shape of a dome, which is quite a popular shape for tents. Center height, which is the maximum internal space, measures up to 48 inches. It has only one door, and the windows are hooded to help ventilation.  It has only two poles and weighs around three and one-fourth kilograms. Dimensions are shown as 7 x 5 feet and can be set up in around 10 minutes.

In practical terms, the room inside is comparable to a queen-sized bed. The floor material is also breathable. The zippers are actually covered to protect them from getting wet. The windows are made of breathable materials as well. The corner poles are protected from snapping back through rings and pins while the poles are sturdy enough to make the tent stand, while still thin enough not to take much space inside.


The design is typical but functional.

If you open and set up the tent, you will notice that it is actually set up to look like an X. Other tents use a similar design, but this tent is special because it actually has only two poles instead of four. Having only two poles lessens the time needed to set it up. Less time spent on setting up a tent means more time having fun outdoors!

The tent is free-standing.

Free-standing tents do not mean that they can just support themselves; it is actually a misnomer since all tents need to be erected. What free-standing means is that it is easier to prop up. This is tied to the design of the Sundome tent. Compared to other tents, it is a lot easier to set up this tent simply because it can be pitched on almost any solid ground; no need to hammer in stakes, unless you want it to be much more secure.


It is quite heavy.

This is a more than a three-kilogram tent, which means that you have to carry more than 6 pounds to the camping site.  In comparison, other similar tents to this one typically weigh around 1 and a quarter to two kilograms. While it is expected that people will carry equipment during camping, having a lesser burden is much more preferable if we can have similar levels of comfort and features.

It has only two poles.

Having only two poles helps the ease and time of setting it up, but that is to the detriment of its durability. One general rule of thumb in camping is that the more time spent setting up a tent, the higher its durability. This tent is no exception. Because it has no stakes to secure it properly, you will have to rely on its cable structure.

It is not as spacious as it seems.

The total space covered by the tent is only 3.25 square meters. It is difficult to fit 2 people comfortably. You may also need to safeguard your items, so the space in the tent can still be used.


The tent is almost two to three times cheaper compared to its competitors, but it is missing some features as a result. This may be good for beginners, but there are better ones out there.